We Shoot Video! PSAs, Music Videos, TV Commercials, Birthday Parties, Performances, Training Videos, Baptisms, Family Reunions, Television Shows. We are your videography company Carson City!

Just about any kind of video you can think of.


One of our favorite video shoots is the Multi-cam shoot. This is usually used for performances, but can be very effective for any video. We use 2-4 cameras simultaneously and then sinc them up in editing. This creates a feeling of live production. To view a sample of a 3-camera shoot, please click on this Carson City Symphony link and then watch the videos. The “Pops Party” video was shot with only two cameras, but still has a very professional look to it. The newest video is our brand new player which has a menu just like a dvd.


Videography Package Deals

Performance Videos

Videos of your class, workshop, group, or club performing the annual recital, play, dance or what ever are completed with a two or three camera shoot and edited into a professional video to be uploaded to a website or provided on a flash drive or DVD at a flat rate of #350.00 per performance.  Once flash drive or DVD is included and additional copies may be purchased at an extra charge.

We have many package deals available. All Packages include Editing and at least one copy of the final project on DVD. Call 775-297-4125 for quote. All projects that do not fit into one of our package deals are billed at the following rates:

One-camera shoot: $100.00 for the first hour and $60 each additional hour. Two-camera shoot: $110.00 for the first hour and $60 each additional hour with one camera manned and one unmanned. Two-camera shoot with 2 persons $150.00 for the first hour and $100 per additional hour.

Three to Four-camera shoot: add $50.00 per hour per camera. (note: we can do larger than 4 camera shoots but the editing gets more expensive due to software limitations. Call for more information.)


All editing is billed at a rate of $60 per hour. The length of time the edit will take depends on how many cuts, transitions, layers, specials effects, etc. that are needed for the finished product. The more detailed the project is, the more time the edit will take. An estimate will be given based on available information but final charges may vary.

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